What we do ?

Dura-Stress, Inc. is the largest single plant manufacturer of precast/prestressed concrete products in the southeastern United States. Not only are we the leading manufacturer, we also produce the greatest variety of precast/prestressed products.

Our company has been a pioneer in the development of prestressed concrete components since we began operation in 1949.


Architectural Precast

Spandrels, wall panels, filler pieces, columns, column covers, stairs, and cornices of all shapes, sizes and finishes.

Bridges and Pilings

Bridge girders, deck slabs, piling, sheet piling, inverted tee beams and U-beams.

Correctional Institutions

Roofs, walls, stairs, plumbing and mechanical storage, maintenance access, etc.

Hollow Core

Core department produces high quality hollow core planks in stressing beds that can be steam cured for rapid turnover.

Industrial Applications

Free service with reduced maintenance when used to construct warehouses, manufacturing, retail and other structures.

Utility Poles

Designed to be suitable for the particular climate requirements where they are installed. We also manufacture concrete pole bases for commercial and FDOT projects.

Parking Structures

Wide range of materials and finishes, including brick face, decorative exposed aggregate, sandblasted and other decorative finishes.

Stadium Structures

Managed the details to construct facilities, cost effectively and quickly, for local and national champion ball clubs.


Client Testimonial

Our Products

Hollow core slabs
Double tees
Sheet piling
Light walls
AASHTO girders
Shear walls
FDOT U-beams
Spandrel panels
Utility poles


Please feel free to apply if you think you have what it takes to join our loyal team of professionals.