Architectural Precast

The following make architectural precast a natural choice for schools, hospitals, office buildings and other structures:


• Energy efficiency • Diversity in design expression
• Acoustics • Repetitive precasting
• Durability • Consistent high levels of quality control
• Low maintenance • Variety of finishes on load bearing and non-load bearing components

Clematis Street Parking Garage
West Palm Beach , FL
General Contractor:
Florida Lemark Corp.
Precast Specialty Engineer:
Dura-Stress Inc.

At Dura-Stress Inc. we can form units to achieve any desired feature. Design input from the professionals at Dura-Stress early in the design of a project will enhance the project through accelerated construction and significant cost savings. The coordinated team effort ensures that optimum utility and quality are achieved.

The architectural precast produced by Dura-Stress includes spandrels, wall panels, filler pieces, columns, column covers, stairs, and cornices of all shapes, sizes and finishes. Typical architectural finishes include colored concrete, fractured fin, thin brick, water washed and sand blasted.