Correctional Institutions

Extensive building programs by the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) to terminate early release of inmates began with an evaluation of building solutions. This evaluation included cost, quality, security, durability, and schedule (based on multiple-site construction schedules).

Based on their findings, the FDOC decided on precast modular technology. Dura-Stress’s answer was to provide turnkey solutions, not just for cells but for other components such as roofs, walls, stairs, plumbing and mechanical storage, maintenance access, etc. Precast modular cells are outfitted to any degree of finish required, including bunks, toilets, sinks, insulation, mechanical and electrical components. Walls are steel reinforced and can be built to accommodate any level of security. Precast cells provide a variety of advantages for correctional facility construction.

Dura-Stress has the capability of manufacturing prison modules of various sizes for federal, state and county correctional projects.

Suwannee Correctional Institution

Florida Dept. of Corrections
General Contractor:
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Florida Dept. of Corrections
Structural Engineer:
N.H.W.L. Engineering, Inc.
Precast Specialty Engineer:
Dura-Stress, Inc.