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Smoothing Concrete

About Us

Established in 1949

Dura-Stress, Inc. has been a pioneer in the development of prestressed concrete components since we began operation in 1949. Known for applying technological expertise in a unique fashion, our reputation was built on the pursuit of new challenges well in advance of others. As a charter member of the Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), we intend to maintain this leadership position through our steadfast commitment to the production of high quality products and services. We utilize the most modern equipment and techniques available, allowing us to offer a diverse range of products.


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We have learned that the use of our products can be enhanced when Dura-Stress is involved with the design team in the early stages of any project. Decades of this type of collaboration have made us an industry leader.


The engineering department at Dura-Stress is a critical component of effectively and efficiently completing a project based on a customer’s needs. Prestressed concrete is an engineered product which requires the active participation of professional engineers. Our engineering team, licensed in Florida and surrounding states, is highly qualified and experienced.

All of these assets, coupled together with over 70 years of experience,  that allows Dura-Stress to provide you with a high quality specially customized on-time project.


Our manufacturing facility is strategically located in proximity to major roads and highways. This, coupled with an in-house transportation fleet, enables Dura-Stress to deliver your products to your job on your schedule. The in-house hauling department gives our company cost effective capability to quickly respond to customer needs. The company fleet includes leased and owned trailers and highly specialized heavy hauling equipment including racks, lowboys, steerable dollies, etc. This in-house transportation capability ensures timely delivery to projects with products of all shapes and sizes. It also allows us to accommodate a customer’s schedule regardless of the distance. This eliminates relying solely on less reliable third-party haulers.

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