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Bridge Construction

Systems and Solutions

Parking Structures

Whether your need is for a parking structure to accommodate 75 vehicles or 10,000, Dura-Stress offers single-source solutions to solve even the most complex parking garage design. On the tightest of lots or wide open acreage, short schedules or long-term projects, Dura-Stress can work with you to develop a cost effective parking structure that meets your exact requirements.

Using precast/prestressed concrete products today is the solution of choice for owners and developers who have been quick to recognize the many inherent qualities of these products.

Dura-Stress is capable of providing a wide range of materials and finishes, including brick face, decorative exposed aggregate, sandblasted and other decorative finishes. We are responsive to the designer’s creative needs, making it cost effective to use complex shapes and configurations.


Stadium Structures

For years, Dura-Stress has been the choice of champions. We’ve managed the details to construct facilities, cost effectively and quickly, for local and national champion ball clubs. From small high-school stadiums to “The Swamp” at the University of Florida in Gainesville, our structures stand the test of time.


We understand the complexities of stadium design and construction. We’re ready to start a championship season for you.

Dura-Stress Stadium

Architectural Precast

The following make architectural precast a natural choice for schools, hospitals, office buildings and other structures:

• Energy efficiency  

• Diversity in design expression
• Acoustics    

• Repetitive Precasting
• Durability    

• Consistent high levels of quality control
• Low maintenance    

• Variety of finishes on load bearing and non-load bearing components

At Dura-Stress, we can form units to achieve any desired feature. Design input from the professionals at Dura-Stress early in the design of a project will enhance the project through accelerated construction and significant cost savings. The coordinated team effort ensures that optimum utility and quality are achieved.

The architectural precast produced by Dura-Stress includes spandrels, wall panels, filler pieces, columns, column covers, stairs, and cornices of all shapes, sizes and finishes. Typical architectural finishes include colored concrete, fractured fin, thin brick, water washed and sand blasted.

Dura-Stress Pedestrian Bridge

Industrial Applications

If you’re looking for quality and efficiency, Dura-Stress delivers. Our industrial structures combine durability, fire resistance and superior insulation qualities and yet are aesthetically pleasing.


Precast products provide trouble free service with reduced maintenance when used to construct warehouses, manufacturing, retail and other structures.

North Beach at night 1.jpg

Hollow Core

Primarily used as floor or roof deck systems, hollow core slabs also have applications as pedestrian bridge deck units.


Hollow core is the product of choice in buildings requiring sound barriers between floors. Additionally, it provides excellent fire resistance making it a natural choice for hotels, schools and upscale condominium complexes. Use of hollow core products enhances the speed of construction. We can deliver and install up to 5,000 square feet of product per day, depending on the complexity of the project.


Continuous voids in the hollow core slabs provide reduced weight, therefore reducing cost. The voids can also be utilized for concealed electrical or mechanical utility corridors.


Our hollow core department produces high quality hollow core planks in stressing beds that can be steam cured for rapid turnover.


Correctional Institutions

Extensive building programs by the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) to terminate early release of inmates began with an evaluation of building solutions. This evaluation included cost, quality, security, durability, and schedule (based on multiple-site construction schedules).


Based on their findings, the FDOC decided on precast modular technology. Dura-Stress’s answer was to provide turnkey solutions, not just for cells but for other components such as roofs, walls, stairs, plumbing and mechanical storage, maintenance access, etc. Precast modular cells are outfitted to any degree of finish required, including bunks, toilets, sinks, insulation, mechanical and electrical components. Walls are steel reinforced and can be built to accommodate any level of security. Precast cells provide a variety of advantages for correctional facility construction.


Dura-Stress has the capability of manufacturing prison modules of various sizes for federal, state and county correctional projects.


Bridges and Pilings

Since 1949, Dura-Stress has played a major role in building Florida’s infrastructure with precast/prestressed concrete solutions for transportation needs. Certified by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), with key personnel certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI), customers are assured of our plant’s proven capability to produce quality products.


Our bridge department is the largest in Florida. The abundance and flexibility of the production lines allows for mass production of all FDOT and ASSHTO standard products as well as specialized products to meet all project requirements.


The bridge products produced by Dura-Stress include bridge girders, deck slabs, piling, sheet piling, inverted tee beams and U-beams.


Utility Poles

The utility pole department at Dura-Stress is a major manufacturer of static cast poles in Florida. We manufacture poles used for flag poles, street lighting, sports lighting, parking lot lighting, power distribution, transmission, communications and traffic signal applications. Our utility poles are designed to be suitable for the particular climate requirements where they are installed. We also manufacture concrete pole bases for commercial and FDOT projects.


Dura-Stress has been providing concrete poles to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), municipalities, and power companies for over 40 years. Our poles comply with the FDOT, ACI, PCI and AASHTO standards. We are the largest certified producer of concrete utility poles for the FDOT.



• Concrete utility poles available in heights from 8 feet to 98 feet

• Standard pole types I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX

• Pole bases available in 24’ and 30” diameters



We are proud to have Dura-Stress utility poles lighting our community’s highways, sports complexes and neighborhoods.

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